Day Trip to Sitges!

Go beyond Barcelona down the coast just a bit to Sitges , where smack dab on the beach you'll find Cau Ferrat, the "iron lair" of painter and eclectic collector Santiago Rusiñol, who took modernist approaches to art and architecture to new levels. Cau Ferrat became a favorite gathering places for artists and composers in the cultural avant-garde of the time.

El Greco's "The Tears of St. Peter"
Rusiñol also brought El Greco to the attention of the modern world, among other fames. Cau Ferrat's many enchanting contents include two El Greco paintings that Rusiñol bought in Paris in the late 1800s. Also represented are many of the leading Catalan artists of his time, including Ramon Casas, plus Pablo Picasso and others.

"Noucentista" sculptures by Joan Rebull, Maricel Museum
Right next door to Cau Ferrat is the Maricel Museum, with some very nice pieces exemplifying styles from the romanesque to realism. The building is also gorgeous. 

Sitges is a really super nice, easy excursion from Bailèn 41 at any time of year:
Looking towards Platja Sant Sebastiá
  • Walk 15 minutes to Estació de França and buy a ticket for the R2S route, which has trains leaving every 15-20 minutes between 5:30 am and 11:30 pm. Roundtrip will set you back about 8.40 euros.
  • Ride the train to Sitges, about 45-55 minutes. 
  • Walk 5-8 minutes to Sitges city center and Cau Ferrat.
  • After touring, lunch at one of the beach side seafood restaurants. We suggest ordering fideuà and highly recommend Pic Nic, right on the waterfront with great views and great food.
  • Check out the nice clothing & gift shops on your way back to the train station. Enjoy!